Updating Quote Values on CO Cover Page

NOTE: Can't update your quote at the CO stage? You likely have our Pricing feature enabled. Read more here. 

We recognize no two teams work the same way, and it's important to give you the flexibility to make changes.

We heard our users say some Change Orders need to be issued before they have been approved, this means the Quote values displayed on a cover page need to be updated manually to reflect what's been approved and what is outstanding.

This document describes how to update the Change values on a cover page.

More information on Change Orders can be found here Creating Change Documents

1. Updating Quote values on the cover page

Click Show additional details to open the Quote panel and see all values used on the cover page:

Click Edit to modify any discipline quote value, or to manually update the Previous Authorized Changes to Date:

Input the correct values and hit Save:

You can update the Original Contract Value in your project settings.
The Authorized Changes to date represent the sum of all issued Change Orders to date plus the current CO.

As always, if you have any questions or see an issue with this document, please contact us at support@part3.io

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