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Part3 Help Centre

AI-Powered Submittal Assistant

Learn how to set up and use our AI-powered submittal log and assistant tools!

2 articles

Welcome to Part3!

Tips on getting set up and inviting people to the platform!

9 articles

Your Organization

Guides for setting up and managing your company in Part3!

6 articles

Project Groups

Project groups help you stay organized and provide project and performance data!

4 articles


Articles on how to create, set up, and manage your project information!

11 articles

Change Documents

How to create & collaborate on proposed changes, change directives and change orders!

15 articles


Learn how to create, collaborate and return submittals in Part3.

6 articles

Supplemental Instructions

Articles on how to create and issue Site & Supplemental Instructions

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Requests for Information

Learn how to create, collaborate, and return RFIs in Part3.

5 articles

Custom Workflows

If you don't see a document that you need, you can make your own workflow in Part3!

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Field Reports

Learn how to create, modify and clone field reports in Part3!

8 articles

Meeting Minutes

Learn how to create, edit and issue all of your Meeting Minutes in Part3!

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Part3 helps Prime Consultants review and revise quotes with their GC's in app!

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Project Financials

Articles on how to manage your project budgets and create Certificates for Payment

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Project Data

Learn about Part3's data export options and policies.

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Consultants & Collaborators

Consultants & Collaborators

These articles will help consultants and collaborators get onboarded in Part3

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Cheat Sheets

Cheat Sheets

Don't have time to read the articles? Watch some quick GIFs to get you started!

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Procore Connection


That's right! We have a Procore Integration. Want to learn more? Click here!

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