Offline Site Reports

Creating Site Reports while on a construction site is a critical aspect of Construction Administration. This is the reason why Part3 gives you the flexibility to create and work with Site Reports offline (no WiFi or data connection available).

The following functionality will be unavailable while working on Site Reports offline:

  • Distributing a Report The Distribute report button will be removed when Part3 detects your device is offline.
  • Assigning itemsThe Assign button will be disabled, and a bubble will appear to let you know that the option will be available when your device is back online.

  • Deleting ReportsYou'll receive an error message if you try to delete a Site Report while offline.

This functionality will be restored once you are back online:

You'll be able to do everything else with Site Reports while your device is offline!

We recommend cloning your previous report before you go to the site to ensure you are able to create your field report efficiently!

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