Procore Submittal Annotations

You can now mark-up and annotate Procore submittals in Part3. All pdf files that are received from Procore can now be annotated in Part3, and returned to Procore without leaving the app. 

To annotate Procore Submittals:

  1. When the submittal is in your ball-in-court, select Add Response:

  2. Select or upload the file you would like to review:

  3. If you click Select from this workflow, you will see a list of all the files previously uploaded in Procore or other submitters. This will allow you to work off the most current drawing in the workflow. Click on the pdf document you would like to review and click Select:

  4. Once you have selected all the files you would like to review, click Save:

  5. The file will now appear in your response. Click the drop-down button to view the file. Here you will see the full list of annotation tools available in Part3. You can click Edit Response at any time, as long as the submittal has not yet been returned to Procore:

  6. When you have completed your review, click Send to Procore
  7. Part3 will now return the submittal to Procore:

    Note: Returning the submittal can take a few minutes as Part3 and Procore exchange data. You can leave the screen and continue working in Part3 while the document syncs in the background.

As always, if you have any questions or see an issue with this document, please contact us at

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