Cloning Reports

Cloning a report gives you a head start on the next one, focus on what's new, and don't lose track of what's still there.

Step 1. Click Clone from the report you wish to roll over:

The item ID numbers are generated based on Report Number - Section Number - Item Number (ex. 1.2.3 is from the first report, second section, and the third item in that section)

You will notice the item ID numbers for all items remain unchanged. This is to highlight the fact that these are not new items and are connected to existing reports. The IDs will remain unchanged for as long as you continue to roll them over.

Step 2. Update existing Items.

With each new report, you can edit existing items (perhaps change the status of a deficiency from 'Open' to 'closed'), add new text, update the images, or all of the above!

Step 3. Remove any resolved or outdated items. Click the delete icon to remove an item from the new report. This will not affect previously issued reports.

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