When it comes to Disclaimers it's important to get the language right. Users are able to create and modify disclaimers for every project, and every construction document. 

Managing Your Organization's Disclaimers

You can set up Disclaimers and Footnote Disclaimers at the Organization level in Part3, which will be applied to all of your Projects (going forward) by default. To do so:

Step 1: To get to your Organization page, click on the navigation button and select your organization name.

Step 2: Click Settings and select Disclaimers:

Step 3: Click + Add New to add all of your Disclaimers and Footnote Disclaimers here. You'll be able to assign them to their respective documents in the following steps:

Make sure to also add your Site Report Disclaimers here! This way, you'll be able to choose them when creating new Site Reports. Please click here to learn more.

Step 4: Next, click Cover Pages and select the Main disclaimers and (if needed) Footnote Disclaimers for your documents:
Going forward, these Disclaimers will be applied to the updated documents on all new Projects.
We also give you the flexibility to add new Disclaimers right from the Cover Pages screen by clicking + Add New next to the Disclaimer drop-down field:

Managing Your Project's Disclaimers

What if you need to edit the default Disclaimers or add new ones at the Project level? Part3 allows Users to update all existing Disclaimers (and even add new ones!) either while creating a new Project, or in your Project's settings screen. To do so:

All Disclaimers set up in your Organization will be pre-populated during the creation of your new Project:

If you wish to update the default Disclaimer, click Edit Disclaimer, update the Disclaimer text and then click Finish Editing. The title of the Disclaimer will change to show that it's been modified:

These updates will only apply to the Project Disclaimers and will not affect the Organization Disclaimers, nor will they create a new Disclaimer.

You will see an option to create a new Disclaimer at the Project level if there are no Disclaimers saved in your Organization.

You can change these settings at any time after the creation of your Project. To do so, go to Team, then click Edit cover pages. You'll have the option to Edit the Disclaimers or add new ones:

As always, if you have any questions or see an issue with this document, please contact us at support@part3.io

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