Project Dashboard

The project dashboard is the place where all of the data and insights on your project can be found, including:

  • Financials
  • Review periods
  • Consultant performance
  • Reasons and value of changes

As the Prime Consultant and owner of Part3, you control who has access to view the project dashboard. When adding new users, you can control their permissions. Read more here. 

Dashboard Overview

All tabs along the top of the graph are clickable to show the different data you want to view. 

By clicking on any spike in the graph, it will show you the document(s) issued on that date. All document links on the right-hand side are clickable and will take you directly to those documents.


Document Statistics

This area of the dashboard shows you the overall documents issued, as well as different statistics about those documents. 

You can click on the boxes to dig in deeper about the averages shown as well as the document counts. 


Change Count

This area of the dashboard gives you overall document counts based on Consultant discipline as well as Reason codes for issued change documents. 

Click on any of the bars to dig in deeper to see the associated documents. By clicking on the document name, you will be taken directly to that document. 


Change Value

This area of the dashboard shows the financial impact of changes by Consultant discipline as well as by Reason code. Clicking on any of the bars will show you a breakdown of the associated documents. 

For the change value and change count, you can view them by  percentages as well. Use the toggle in the upper right-hand corner of each area and select ' Percentage'. This will update the graph type.

Note: the project dashboard updates nightly at 11:00 PM EST. If you are the Prime Consultant and want to update the dashboard at any time, click 'update' in the top right corner and wait for the dashboard to refresh. 

As always, if you have any questions or see an issue with this document, please contact us at

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