Creating Submittals

The Part3 submittal feature allows you to create and collaborate in real-time with the entire design team!

Submittals can find their way into Part3 in 3 different ways:

  • Created by the General Contractor.
  • Created by the Prime Consultant or Consultant
  • Pulled in from Procore via the Part3 connection (read more about Procore submittals here)

This article will show you how to create submittals if you have a Consultant or General Contractor role.

Step 1: In the top right corner of your screen, click the '+' button and select 'Submittal'

A new pop-up will appear with different fields to populate. The areas that must be populated in order to create the submittal are marked with a red asterisk.

Step 2: Select a division from Part3's prepopulated list by entering the specification number (including spaces) or entering a tile of the division. 

You can also create new specification sections by clicking 'Add custom submittal spec'. Populate the division number and title. Once you hit 'create', the new submittal division will appear on your submittal.

Once the division is selected, the number will automatically populate to the next available number associated with that division. If you try to select a number that already exists, you will receive a warning that the number already exists. 

Step 3: Enter a title for the submittal, any reference numbers (typically the GC's own reference), and the dates. The dates will automatically be populated based on your project settings, but you can override them if necessary.

Step 4: Select a disclaimer or create a new one. Disclaimers are created at your organizational level, as they are typically standard across your company. However, we know each project is specific, so you can edit or create a new one at any time. Any modifications made will only apply to this specific submittal, and will not be saved at the organization or project level. 

Step 5: Select the consultants that will need to review the submittal. This can be modified at any time. 

Step 6: Click 'Create'. You'll see a new window appear where you can start collaborating on your submittal with the consultant team. 

As always, if you have any questions or see an issue with this document, please contact us at

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