Procore Submittals in PART3

Once a new Submittal is created in Procore, and after synchronization is complete, the Submittal will appear under the Submittals tab in the connected Project and Approvers will have the ability to review and respond to it directly in Part3 (following the workflow setup in Procore).

Existing Procore Submittals will automatically appear in your Part3 Project once the Procore connection has been established. Click here to learn more.

In Part3, the Ball in Court field will be populated by the name of the User required to review the Submittal and the active step will be highlighted for clarity:

As shown in the screenshot above:
  • Part3 will show the Procore icon next to all imported files added in Procore.
  • The Current / Not current label will be displayed for all imported Submittal files (following Procore rules for Current files).
  • A Not returned label will be placed in any responses that haven't been returned to Procore.

A Submittal could have multiple Approvers, and they will show in Part3 following the same sequence set up in Procore.

In order to submit changes to the Submittal, Part3 Users that have been selected as Approvers need to be authenticated and authorized in Procore. Part3 will validate this and request to authenticate in Procore if needed. Click here to learn more.

The Submittal Logs Screen:

The Logs will show you basic information for your Procore Submittals, including ID, Title, Status, etc

You can filter the Logs to show everything, all your tasks or anything assigned to you:

Additionally, you have the option to filter the Logs by a specific column. For instance, you can create a filter to only show Submittals the Procore status "Returned":

To Edit a Submittal Review:

  1. Click Add response within the active step
  2. Next, you'll be able to add your (optional) comments and attach a file to your response by either clicking Select from this workflow (to select any of the files already used in the Submittal) or selecting a file from your local drive. Click Select and then Save to save your response:

  3. You can click Edit response to change your comments and add or remove attachments as necessary while the response is in Part3:

    The option to edit responses will disappear once you send your response back to Procore.

  4. You can also use Part3's Markups tool to annotate attachments in your response. Your GC will be able to see your annotations once the response is sent back to Procore! 

    Click here to learn more about Submittal annotations in Part3.

To Add Collaborators to Your Review:

  1. Click Collaborators within the active step:

  2. Select the Users you'd like to add to the Review, then click Update:
  3. An email notification will be sent out to the selected Users, a new Task will be created for them in Part3, and a label will now show next to the Reviewer's name indicating the number of Collaborators you invited to the Review:

Click here to learn more about collaborating on Procore Submittals.

Completing the Review in Part3:

Upon completion, Approvers can  change the status to indicate that the Submittal has been reviewed:

Then click Send to Procore to send all updates back to Procore:

The status will change to Returned, and the Ball in Court field will be updated to show either the next Approver in the sequence or the name of the Submittal manager (once all Approvers have reviewed the Submittal):

Once the Submittal has been distributed in Procore, the status will change to Closed:

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