New Projects

Now that you have set up your organizational settings, it's time to start creating your projects!! Woo-hoo! Follow 4 simple steps to create your new project.

Step 1: Under your organization, click the blue '+ Project' button.

Step 2: Populate the information fields in Step 1 of 4. Only the fields with red asterisks need to be filled out. When finished, click 'Next step'.

Don't worry, all of this information can be edited or filled out at any time once the project has been created.

Step 3: Select the workflows you'll need on this project. You can toggle on and off any workflows you need. You can always update this later on. When finished, click 'Next step'.

Step 5: Select the colors that you want to reflect your brand on the cover pages. When finished, click 'Create project'.

Note: Your template will default to 'template one' and you only need to select the 'Primary color' option. If you want to see our other template options, reach out to

You created your project! 

As always, if you have any questions or see an issue with this document, please contact us at

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