Collaborating on Procore Submittal Reviews

Part3 enables your teams to collaborate further by working together in Procore Submittal Reviews.

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To Collaborate on Procore Submittal Reviews:

  1. Once invited, click Contribute > on the new Task created under Tasks in your Project to start working with the Approver

  2. The Submittal will open. Click Edit response to add your comments and files, then click Save:

    Click here to learn more about editing a Procore Submittal response in Part3.

  3. Change the status of the Review: 

  4. Then click Send to to send it back to the Approver. An email notification will be sent to the assigned User:

  5. Doing this will only send it back to the Approver, and not to Procore. Authorized Approvers (assignees) are the only Users that can send these changes back to Procore.

Revising a Review:

In case you need to make corrections to your comments or files, simply click Revise to make your changes:

Printing or Downloading a Review:

To print or download a copy of your comments or files, click the arrow to expand and next click Menu, followed by Download, Print or Email:

Once the Approver has returned the document to Procore, and it has been closed, you will be able to download the completed document in Part3.

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