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Welcome to part3! This article will help you make sure you have everything set up so you can start working in Part3! In the article we'll cover:

  1. Setting up your personal profile
  2. Organization settings
  3. New projects
  4. Managing team members
  5. Part3 on mobile devices

1. Set up your personal profile

Each Part3 user has their own individual profile in Part3. It's important to make sure you have this set up before you start working in Part3. In your profile, you will manage:

  • Contact information
  • Signature upload
  • Stamp uploads (to be used on Submittals and other documents if required)
  • Email Preferences
  • And Procore authorization (if applicable to your project, check out this article)

Check out this article to guide you through all of the above steps.

2. Organization Settings

If you are responsible for setting up and managing your organizational-level settings, this section is for you! In order to make sure you have the correct permissions, go to your ' Members' tab at your organization and ensure your permissions are set to 'Admin'.

Now that you have the right permissions, you can start to populate the different areas of your organization. If this area is populated first, all the information will be carried over to all new projects. This means saving time! 

Check out these articles for the different areas of your organization to set up (legal disclaimers for your documents, cover pages, your logo and company info, external collaborators, etc.)

3. Create a Project

Now that you have your organization settings populated, it's time to create a project and get to work!!!

Check out these articles to learn how to create your project, manage your settings and add your team members. 

4. Getting your project team in Part3

All collaborators are free in Part3, so invite as many people as you want (Consultants, Owner(s), General Contractor, Subcontractors). The more the merrier! 

After they set up their profile, all they need to do is visit the overview page of the project. All of their tasks will live here and they can jump right to the documents that need their attention. This quick task navigation helps remove all barriers to entry and leads to an intuitive experience for external collaborators. 

Of course, if they have questions or want to reach out, please contact us at or use the beacon in the bottom right corner of the app. 

They can check out this article for their own getting-started checklist!

5. Part3 on mobile devices

Construction happens on site (that's obvious), so it's important to have Part3 set up on your mobile devices. Part3 is a progressive web app and can be saved on mobile devices, but it's not found in an app store. Check out this article to learn how to save Part3 as an app. 

As always, if you have any questions or see an issue with this document, please contact us at

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