What is the Procore Integration?

The Part3 Integration for Procore makes it easier than ever for the construction and design teams to quickly review Submittals and RFIs. It seamlessly transfers items for review from the Contractor's Procore project into the Consultant's Part3 project. When the review process is complete within Part3, the response is automatically sent back to Procore. 

The construction team can stay in Procore and the design team in Part3.

Users will not have the option to create Submittals and RFIs in Part3 Projects after connecting them to Procore. Submittals and RFIs can only be generated in Procore.

The Procore Integration allows for cover pages and markups created by your GC in Procore to be transferred to/displayed in Part3 after the Project is connected to Procore or after a sync is complete. Additionally, Part3 Users have the ability to annotate Shop Drawings and send the markups back to Procore.

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